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Hi all,Its been raining steady all day today and I am ready for a big day tomorrow. been pumping water out from under house all day lol. cheers Doug.GFS still has around 40mm falling on exposed coastal areas from brissy south down to about the boarder and tapering off as you go inland.

Also the southerly change is really going to fire up in the next 4-6 hours (most probably as a result of this low moving off the coast), and should be strong winds right along the Gold and Sunny coasts tonight and into tomorrow morning.Parts of SEQ will get their turn eventually - have you even looked at the models.I will be keeping an eye on the Logan River at Waterford (just down the road from us) is at 1.9m and falling - but yesterday it was rising, then falling, rising then falling again.Somehow missed this: MINOR FLOOD WARNING FOR THE WILSONS RIVER AT LISMORE Issued at 11:23 pm EDT on Friday 24 December 2010 Flood Warning Number: 1 Up to 112 millimetres of rain has fallen during the past 12 hours to 11 pm Friday night.However, the rain intensity has increased during the past 6 hours, with an average of 45 millimetres falling during this period.

Great post Jesse24, Nitso makes it very easy to understand whats happening, i kind of hope it doesnt happen we start work again on wed if that happens there is no way the farmers from SEQ will get their pigs to us.Check out warrego radar great heavy rain streaming in from NW tracking SE being squezzed nicely towards the SEQ rain bands.In three days (ended 9am 27th) the Queensland capital received 580mm, with even heavier falls over river catchments near the city (1,300mm in five days at Mt Glorious).Originally Posted By: Chris Stumer I wonder how would Kingaroy cope if the forecasted rain does come off.Absolutely torrential here - wife got back from bargain shopping at Westfield Helensvale - opened our westward facing garage and whooshka - water runneth through the garage to the front entry saturating everything - great bloody timing.booms of thunder with it.I also think the big floods in NE NSW in March was an unpleasant surprise as well, with very little warning.This has resulting in renewed river rises and local flash flooding in the Richmond and Wilsons Catchments.Looks like the sunny coast maybe in for a bit of a deluge though.Yard was mowed, but the amount of water lying around is remarkable.

Originally Posted By: JEFF.H. Tried and failed to get to Moogerah as well, cut at Teviot Brook 1 meter over the road.Tropical Cyclones ยท www.tropicalcyclone.info. atlantic ocean baroclinity beaufort scale coriolis force home latitude low-pressure area pacific ocean Tropical.From the models I thought we would receive about 150-250mm for the week.Just check out 512 radar or the warrego loop and you can see plain as day what is heading our way.

Checked the BOM website, there saying that Brisbane will get 400mm at the most over the next 4 days.It was a difficult situation at the time to call. from around page 25 it gets very interesting.Convection to our north and northwest should if anything get thicker and more widespread and lead to some substantial falls down this way overnight and into the morning.

Townsville weather, Lower Burdekin, QLD - 7-day weather forecast and current temperature and Townsville weather radar.I see similarities between this and what happened to Taiwan during the approach of Typhoon Megi (South China Sea).Driving around before every single flood drain around marcoola is full or just below and are seriously going to struggle with any more rain.

I believe it does have an impact, its part of what is called La Nina. (They interact with each other from what I understand) Even without Wivenhoe release the tides would be 30cm higher.Originally Posted By: Scottie A Originally Posted By: Memories of Ice Originally Posted By: Scottie A Ahh well you learn something new everyday, I think you are right it definitely makes sense to have the operational model as a member, I to am not an expert on weather modeling especially ensembles but learning none the less.The Brisbane City Council flood maps for the Fortitude Valley (and surrounding suburbs) The blue areas on this map is what I consider to be at risk tomorrow during the high tide.Its so frustrating - there is just no one to get people to take this rain event and the potential threat seriously.

Major flood levels at laidley 9.09m and rosewood 6.06m with water over bridges.Be patient, and if you have a problem with the mods, take it up with them, not here where we are trying to stay on topic.

I just hope those who are caught in this radar explosion are safe and high.Quoting from an article released at 12.32am this morning: Brisbane urged to prepare for flooding People in Brisbane are being urged to prepare for possible flooding as wild weather continues to plague the state.Everything in the house feels damp and I have just picked up a piece of paper and it feels all soggy.Originally Posted By: whatscracken Squid I am a novice when it comes to weather.

Even just thinking about the current and future developments it makes sense why the model has been so consistent in progging heavy falls.Originally Posted By: whynot Pkgjmg, with all due respects, please wind down the hyperbole and stick to the facts.Pressure down to 998.7hpa. The BOM has been slow with that warning.

Of all days this week to be out and about (unnecessarily). and she picks the worst.Road travel advisory from Queensland Police Facebook page: Police wish to remind all motorists that for all traffic and travel advice please visit or call 131940.They could potentially have some big calls to make in the next 24-72 hours.GFS keeps on increasing the rainfall for Kingaroy, over 400mm now, and thats on top of the 250mm predicted over the next 72 hours, everything has gone really quiet here also, there is hardly any birds around.I have a panicking elderly mother in a retirement village located right on the Bremer And my brothers and I are too far away to lend a hand if things go pear shaped. Thanks.All little creeks that surround are high and rising, but not overflowing.